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OUR Mission

Our mission is to take care of total personality needs of the child by providing him activities related to Social, Physical, Emotional, Language & Intellectual development so that a child blossoms into a confident human being with a positive outlook.
We believe that young minds are like clean fertile soil into which there can be no better seeds to sow than seeds of good moral and social values.

A child cannot be taught but can be trained by imitation and by providing an atmosphere where his curiosity can be ignited. Using the power of love & freedom one can draw out the best in a child.

Every child has inherent talent. He only needs exposure and encouragement.

Chairperson’s Message


I welcome parents and children to be part of the Udgam Pre School family. Pre- school is the first step of the child out of warmth and comfort of his/her home. It is a stepping stone to formal schooling. Being a concerned and caring parent you have made the right choice by entrusting your precious little one to us. We at UDGAM assure you our best of support in developing your little one into a well rounded & confident personality.

Since 2004 Udgam Pre School has worked along with the children, towards building their future, with a caring heart. We value the abilities and talent of each child. Our dedicated teachers seek to inspire students to reach new levels of understanding.


Einstein has rightly said, “I never teach my pupil, I only attempt to provide a condition in which they can learn”. Therefore at UDGAM we provide an appropriate environment for the natural blossoming of a child.


At UDGAM we believe that a healthy and child friendly surrounding play a vital role initiating the process of learning. For this, every corner at UDGAM is designed to facilitate learning in a caring, secure and stress free environment. The curriculum and activities provided at Udgam are designed to suit the needs of a pre- schooler. That is the reason we do not call UDGAM a school but a total personality grooming center, Where the child’s hidden potentials are explored so that he/she can make a smooth “UDGAM”the beginning.


We welcome you and your precious one at Udgam and assure you that the time spent here by your child will instill in him matchless confidence which will enable him to stand apart in life. However your active support and co-operation in this endeavor is very essential.


Deepa Bhardwaj Singh

Our Motto

At UDGAM, our motto is ‘Educating for life’. Here we strongly contend that a play school lays the foundation of a child’s academic career. It is our firm belief & perception that every child is a storehouse of talent and therefore at UDGAM we provide him with the right opportunities to explore his inner self and thereby enhance his creativity, confidence and talent.

It is our aim to give every child a holistic personality and equip him with complete development in every field appropriate to his age thus preparing him to face the challenges of life.

From the Principal’s Desk


I am happy to welcome you to UDGAM Pre School. We have grown from 20 students in 2004 to over 200 students, 20 members of staff, hundreds of loving parents and a smiling chairman. I am proud to share with you that UDGAM has come up with the branch at NOIDA in April 2013. We are coming up with our third branch in Gurgaon in the year 2017.

Over the years we have worked hard to fulfill our school’s motto, “Educating for Life.” At UDGAM we have created a loving and caring environment by incorporating play way based techniques for teaching & learning. The entire curriculum is based on various developmental stages of a child. Our constant endeavour is to provide endless opportunities for children to grow and discover while having fun. In the words of John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself.” We encourage the parents’ involvement to boost the students’ achievements. So that the children benefit, school benefit and families benefit.


The minds of our toddlers are like ‘Tabula Rasa’ or a clean slate. The teachers help to encourage the children to be creative and curious by providing a child-centric and activity based learning.


The chairperson Ms. Deepa Bhardwaj Singh has extended incessant support and guidance towards shaping of UDGAM Pre School.


Neepa Vasisht

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